Is case design changing for GTA03?

Robert Taylor robtaylor at
Mon Jun 9 01:04:22 CEST 2008

With a modular design like that, then you could have one device shipped 
out with many configurations possible.

You could then buy the external case for playing games, one with a 
keyboard, etc.

That would really set it appart.

So how about thinking of th 03 and onward in such a modular way?

Oh, my vote is for usb.

- Rob

Ortwin Regel wrote:
> Well, with Bluetooth it would have to have it's own power source (or
> be connected to one) so USB sounds most reasonable. It might even
> contain an USB hub and expose a number of full size USB ports, maybe
> including Y-cable functionality for charging while being host.
> Ortwin

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