GTA03 case should incorporate stylus holder

Chris Wright dhasenan at
Mon Jun 9 16:32:15 CEST 2008

2008/6/6 steve <steve at>:
> Stroller you crack me up. (vi rules.)
> We need a religious war between the Digitii, the Stylii, and Quertii.
> Or three products?
> Rant away.  Your views are always welcome.

What of the Dvoraksai?

I do think that thumb keyboards are best -- tactile feedback. Finding
space for such is not terribly easy. There are clamshell designs,
though that prevents you from using the primary display without
opening the device; then there are sliding designs, which seem to have
a bad angle.

Thumb typing on a touchscreen is probably more efficient than using a
stylus. Thumb typing on a keyboard is probably much faster than using
a touchscreen.

Though if people want a stylus holder, how hard would it be to design
one that clips onto a Freerunner?

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