San Diego and LA group sales

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Mon Jun 9 20:53:18 CEST 2008

Russell Dwiggins wrote:
> I'd like to add myself to the LA group.  That MIGHT mean you don't HAVE
> to buy 2 phones Kosa. :)  

Los Angeles group:
I've added Russell to the wiki page, and added my city and Russell's 
city as well. Could the rest of you update the wiki page to list your 
cities as well, please? "Los Angeles" covers a lot of ground, so having 
some idea of where in the LA area we all live will make it easier to 

As we get closer to getting the news from Steve that the phones are 
ready to ship to Fremont CA, we'll need to start coordinating getting 
the money together and placing the order with OpenMoko.

I'm thinking that I can plot our cities on a Google Map and work out a 
'central' place for everyone to meet, then send out a few dates/times 
when people want to meet -- I'll bring the Freerunner that I've been 
testing with so everyone can check it out.

Ian Douglas

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