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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| I have seen it this morning in the,
|  Andrzej "balrog-kun" Zaborowski was able to use mplayer with glamo
| hardware acceleration Not all is lost to have some decent(not
| excelent but barelly usable is enough) video playback, or Rasterman
| has bad news again? ;)
| Of course I understand than use sd-card as storage will be not an
| option(shared bus issue) but a nfs mounted volume or a streaming mp4
| source can be an option I guess

Wah that was really good progress from Andrzej.

I wouldn't give up on SD card as storage without trying it: if I
understood what goes on then only the MP4 compressed stream is being
sent to the Glamo by mplayer... I guess it means 100 - 200KBytes/sec
which is way below the point we choke the Glamo memory bus.  So we
should be able to be pulling 200 - 300KBytes/sec (including audio) at
the same from from SD.

The wildcard is what the MPEG decoder unit in the Glamo is doing from
the inside in terms of hogging the internal memory.

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