regarding the 'data security' thread recently

Benedikt Schindler BeniSchindler at
Tue Jun 10 15:08:49 CEST 2008

Ilja O. schrieb:
> About data wipe:
> I was thinking -- doesn't eny SIM card have some kind of ID number?
> And if they do, do we have software way to obtain it?
> Phone could wipe itself if another SIM card is inserted AND upon SMS 
> message receiving.
> If you have several SIM cards, than we could create simple SIM card 
> whilelist.
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... by the way : to what phonenumber will you send a sms when the thief 
has replaced the sim card?

you could also test, if there is the selected SIM card in the phone.
and if not, you send the GPS-Data of the phone every 10 minutes per sms  
to a pre given phonenumber.
so you could find your phone. (and you have the phonenumber of the thief 
:) )
If i think about it, we should just send every 30min. because it would 
be annoying to recive a sms every 10 min.


but all these things are just functional if you are the only one who 
have implimented that feature.
That's the bad side of the open source thing. If you put it in the 
general source tree, everyone
knows where he had to put his SIM card numbers, so the phone think 
everthing is allright.

but it will work for quite a while, because i don't think that so many 
street thiefs are receving this list.:)
And maybe it will take a long time until they realise why always the 
police stands in front of their door
when they had stolen a Freerunner. :)


i like the idea of the self sending GPS data. It costs the thief money, 
that we know where he is :) ... you could say, he paied for getting 
arrested :)

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