Click Feedback?

Roland Häder roland at
Tue Jun 10 19:32:39 CEST 2008

On Tuesday, 10. June 2008, arne anka wrote:
> > Opinions?
> my 2c: i hate those accoustic feedbacks.
Me, too! :)
> isn't it possible to use the vibration for that kind of feedback, if
> somebody likes it?
That will consume energy an drain the battery a lot. I don't know exactly how 
much it consumes but vibration is not "for nothing". As I have noticed as a 
regular user of regular cellphones when vibration / click feedback is turned 
off your phone is around 1 to 2 days longer available. :) But maybe I can be 
wrong here. :/

So for my choice: Leave it off. :) And it may be a noisy thing when you are 
sitting in train and handling your phone. Argh! I don't like these 
ring-tone-test-kiddies. :( And please don't add a loud-speaker. Or else these 
kiddies will play their hip-hop/rap/what-ever-music very loud with that. :(

For me the FreeRunner is an organizer and phone and not a toy. :)

Okay, getting a little OT.


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