GTA - Two models? Was: GTA03: New case? Bigger screen!

Roland Häder roland at
Tue Jun 10 19:51:49 CEST 2008

My suggestion here is that OpenMoko may design another phone - if the market 
asks for this:

- An OpenMoko for younger people who need the gaming controls Ortwin is 
mentioning as subject for removal.

- Another OpenMoko for professionals/business/older people without the gameing 
controls but bigger screen. Maybe there is one available? Surely the software 
shipped with this OpenMoko doesn't need include software which requires the 
gaming controls.

Any further ideas? :)


On Tuesday, 10. June 2008, Ortwin Regel wrote:
> There has been all this fruitless talk about resolution. Well, what is
> really limiting the Neo's screen right now is not resolution
> (obviously), not speed (at least not on the GTA01, no idea how messed
> up the 02 situation is. I'd guess it's faster most of the time.) but
> size! If the GTA03 get's a new case design, please consider making the
> screen twice as big! Then we are finally at a size were
> two-thumb-typing starts to make sense and even people with bad eye
> sight can benefit from the high resolution (although I'm not convinced
> that second point is a positive one... <_<). The device wouldn't even
> have to be bigger for this because so much space was wasted in the
> original Neo design. The only handheld I have owned where the screen
> could be called big enough was the Tapwave Zodiac (RIP). If you shave
> off the gaming controls and make it a little thicker, you get a very
> decent phone.
> Also, I suggest concentrating more on the horizontal usage. For
> example, bring the stereo speakers back but add one below and one
> above the display so that they are left and right in landscape. You
> can get a pretty good stereo effect at that distance.
> Ortwin
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