GTA - Two models? Was: GTA03: New case? Bigger screen!

Ortwin Regel ortwin at
Tue Jun 10 20:33:49 CEST 2008

For the record: I was talking about the gaming controls of my Tapwave
Zodiac. I realize that this was probably not all that clear from the
context and apologize.

I think branching into multiple devices starts making sense with the
switch to a new SoC. As it is, it looks like GTA03 is supposed to be
the Neo camera edition. I can't think of too much other popular uses
that should be realized with the current configuration. Maybe a keypad
would be popular (though I personally hate it) but that would either
require relatively complex mechanics (and maybe patent issues) or it
would be awful...


On 6/10/08, Roland Häder <roland at> wrote:
> My suggestion here is that OpenMoko may design another phone - if the market
> asks for this:
> - An OpenMoko for younger people who need the gaming controls Ortwin is
> mentioning as subject for removal.
> - Another OpenMoko for professionals/business/older people without the
> gameing
> controls but bigger screen. Maybe there is one available? Surely the
> software
> shipped with this OpenMoko doesn't need include software which requires the
> gaming controls.
> Any further ideas? :)
> Roland
> On Tuesday, 10. June 2008, Ortwin Regel wrote:
>> There has been all this fruitless talk about resolution. Well, what is
>> really limiting the Neo's screen right now is not resolution
>> (obviously), not speed (at least not on the GTA01, no idea how messed
>> up the 02 situation is. I'd guess it's faster most of the time.) but
>> size! If the GTA03 get's a new case design, please consider making the
>> screen twice as big! Then we are finally at a size were
>> two-thumb-typing starts to make sense and even people with bad eye
>> sight can benefit from the high resolution (although I'm not convinced
>> that second point is a positive one... <_<). The device wouldn't even
>> have to be bigger for this because so much space was wasted in the
>> original Neo design. The only handheld I have owned where the screen
>> could be called big enough was the Tapwave Zodiac (RIP). If you shave
>> off the gaming controls and make it a little thicker, you get a very
>> decent phone.
>> Also, I suggest concentrating more on the horizontal usage. For
>> example, bring the stereo speakers back but add one below and one
>> above the display so that they are left and right in landscape. You
>> can get a pretty good stereo effect at that distance.
>> Ortwin
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