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I have used an iPhone, my wife's.  The animations are pretty at first.
After a while, they're just annoying.  My wife gets impatient waiting for
windows to get out of the way so she can get on with what she's trying to
do.  What's really funny is that some times the phone will do all that neat
animation, and the window that shows up has no content.  You stare at an
empty contact list for as much as 3 seconds easily before it suddenly fills
up with names.

My wife may be an exception to the rule here.  She sometimes does data entry
at work and has the dialogs of her application memorized so she can type in
the fields much faster than the application can keep up.  When the keyboard
beeps, she'll sit back and take a sip of her beverage while the application
is popping dialogs up all over the place filling in what she typed.  It's
fun to watch.  (FWIW: the application is running over a slow network via
citrix, so it would take a lot to speed things up.  She's stopped asking)

With the touch screen UI, she can't use this approach.  She has to wait.


On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 2:13 PM, Stroller <linux.luser at myrealbox.com> wrote:

> Reading these posts of the last few days it has just occurred to me
> that it's not Carsten we should be beating up on here.
> Who the heck asked for translucency and flashy animations?
> Management seem to be asking for this "alpha" bleeding rubbish, and
> it seems to me that we users need to be telling management that we
> don't care a heck for it.
> Sure, I know the iPhone does this now, but that doesn't mean Openmoko
> has to do it. Do we really want Openmoko to be just another iPhone
> clone? I know we see a fair number of posts on here about the iPhone,
> but surely that's just a result of the current buzz - is UI animation
> really a *necessity* in the long-term (or medium-term) future of the
> mobile phone market?
> DISCLAIMER: I haven't used an iPhone, and I'm not terribly interested
> in it.
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