GTA - Two models? Was: GTA03: New case? Bigger screen!

Robert Taylor robtaylor at
Tue Jun 10 21:39:52 CEST 2008

Roland Häder wrote:
> My suggestion here is that OpenMoko may design another phone - if the market 
> asks for this:
> - An OpenMoko for younger people who need the gaming controls Ortwin is 
> mentioning as subject for removal.
> - Another OpenMoko for professionals/business/older people without the gameing 
> controls but bigger screen. Maybe there is one available? Surely the software 
> shipped with this OpenMoko doesn't need include software which requires the 
> gaming controls.
> Any further ideas? :)
> Roland
Yes.  I propose a modular approach.  1 phone many external similar to 
this idea:

Additionally, there is a certain cool factor to having a single unit but 
many docking stations if done right, for example:

Quick preview:

Their overbearing website:

Buglabs is doing something really cool, but you gotta code in java and 
it doesn't fit into a pocket (well it does fit in a really big pocket).

It's pretty clear Mokos core group of users are very demanding, and 
something like that would allow for everyone to be happy. 

However, why I really think this could be a really great approach for 
the moko is the 'Hey Cool!' factor.

Can you picture the conversation when you meet up with  a buddy "hey 
whats that on your moko? oh it's my new gamepod.  COOOOOL!  can i try it 
on my moko?  sure  ... *CLICK*  ... here you go.   COOOOOOL!"

It also reduces the dev costs for moko, it allows it to remain a 
smartphone and not move from that niche, reduces the number of formats 
that people will be demanding the moko be made in and will start to 
establish a hardware addon ecosystem beyond what is already being developed.

What the moko manufacturers then can pull is a NIKE.  Instead of relying 
purely on sales of the moko, they can turn them selves into an R&D and 
marketing company and not only produce their own hardware if they want 
to, but also licence officially supported modules and addons to control 
quality and get a cut of each sale.

Also when usb3 comes along you can offload all sorts of stuff to that, 
such as gfx co-porcessing if you want so all of a sudden you can get ati 
into the picture with their completely documented processors and really 
start something interesting.

Just some brianstorming ...


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