Free Runner price vs iphone 3G price

Lally Singh lally.singh at
Tue Jun 10 21:42:36 CEST 2008

On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 2:38 PM, Ortwin Regel <ortwin at> wrote:
> There are cheaper contracts if you don't get a phone with them in
> Germany. No idea what the situation in the US is. (It's probably
> godawful... :-/) Personally, I use a prepaid SIM card so I pay no
> monthly fees at all. Much cheaper for me than any contract. So for me
> the price advantage over an iPhone is very real.

Good for you.  It's not the case for others.  I'm going to have a cell
phone for the next 2 years, and prepaid plans cost me plenty when I
add in things like text messaging and data.  Atop of that, my family
has >10,000 rollover minutes just sitting there.  For me, it'd be
$40/month to jump on that plan, and $200 for the phone.

The monthly fee is fairly constant, no matter where I go (and probably
higher outside of AT&T than in), and the 2 year contract is irrelevant
(I'll be using a phone for the next 2 yrs, and in the US a contract is
pretty standard), so it really does just come down to $200 vs whatever
another phone costs.

Sheesh.  We get it, we just don't care.

H. Lally Singh
Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
Virginia Tech

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