No 3G for GTA03, 2G/EDGE only?

Andy Powell openmoko at
Wed Jun 11 00:32:09 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 10 June 2008 20:57, Robert Taylor wrote:
> Andy Powell wrote:
> > At some point we're going to start explaining to the folks at OM that we
> > can't actually afford to buy every model they produce to help fund this
> > evolution...  I really don't want to have a collection of interesting but
> > ultimately useless devices - Let's face it the gta01 has issues the gta02
> > has issues, perhaps it *is* time for a revolution...
> Let's face it, the iPhone has issues, Nokias have issues, Samsung has
> issues ... blah blah blah.

This has nothing to do with any devices made by anyone else, but for the 

1) I've never used an iphone let alone owned one.
2) Every Nokia I've owned has worked flawlessly.
3) Never used a samsung let alone owned one.
4) Will never buy a Sony Ericsson phone again - Ever.

As the 02 goes into production we know that the graphics will be limited, we 
might know the reasons, but that doesn't make is easier to swallow. It's also 
apparent that some of the lessons on the gta01 haven't made it to the 02, 
which is fair enough - but the 03 needs to see those fixed.

> Do you live on planet earth or some magical fairy land where you snap
> your fingers and you get everything instantly?

Mmm... I'm trying to work out if you just being an arse or you have a question 
in there. I'd like you to point out where I said anything about getting 
anything instantly, with a click of my fingers. 

> It sure sounds like you aren't interested in the "openness" of the moko
> but more of a consumer device ... yes / no?

Sure sounds like you just make a bunch of inferences and treat them as facts.

> I'm with you on the multitude of devices but sometimes you haveto try.
> I think there may be far more creative ways to do this, say have one
> phone with multiple addons so everyone is happy, but this too requires
> one to try.
> Rob

I'm not suggesting at all that no one should try. I'm suggesting that moving 
into the future may require bigger steps and not baby steps. If we have to 
wait for the GTA99 before a device that can compete with even a basic phone 
because of tiny modifications for each generation then I'm telling you 
straight up, I'm not buying one of each of the 99 devices and I wont be alone 
in that. 


Andy / ScaredyCat

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