Free Runner price vs iphone 3G price

Robert Taylor subscribers at
Wed Jun 11 01:14:14 CEST 2008

ian douglas wrote:
> alking about what's subsidized and what's not. We're 
> comparing "how much money have I paid out of my pocket after two years" 
> to compare a 2-year contract requirement versus owning a Freerunner.
Well yes we are.

If the moko was subsidized it would effectively be free. 

Just compare equal things. 

The moko isnt' available as part of a subsidized package and according 
to postings it will take at least a year to get there.

Just stop comparing unequal things.

If you want to compare the total cost, compare the total cost of buying 
the new iphone UNLOCKED at retail cost (you can't) plus the data package 
and THEN we can talk.

Stop talking nonsense please.


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