Free Runner price vs iphone 3G price - Things clear

Jorge . sphairos at
Wed Jun 11 02:16:40 CEST 2008

Robert Taylor wrote:
> On the new Iphones, you HAVETO get a 2 year contract.  
> If you decide to quit you will pay a fee that will total up greater than 
> the $600 the phone is worth.

The first iPhone was released june 29/2007 and the first hacked that allow you to use it with any operator was announced on july 9/2007. It will happen again and unlocked iPhones 3G will be available, it does not matter if the first bunch are stolen, second hand or refurbished, it short time everyone will be able to buy an iPhone 3G without contract for almost the same price than it contract. Then we will be able to compare unsubsidized iphones with moko. until that moment lets end the flame :-) but if I am right the iPhone will be cheaper even unsubsidized. (although i would buy a moko anyway)

>> furthermore the freedom, there is a war for the smartphones market and a freephone have to be competitive  in price, not only in quality and philosophy. 

>> > This is only true if you do what you are insisting on doing, comparing 
> things that are not of equal value. While it is fine for consumers to 
> be ignorant of these facts and actually think your argument is valid, 
> it's not correct on this thread as you are clearly educated and 
> understand the reality of the situation.

not equal value? Moko, iPhone, iRiver, Blackberry... we are talking about smartphones, and money is money. If you buy an orange, and apple or a pinable you pay with money!! every fruit have advantages and disadvantages, but you pay anyway

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