comparing Apples and Oranges $199 iPhone Freerunner GTA02

cedric cellier rixed at
Wed Jun 11 10:21:36 CEST 2008

-[ Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 06:02:34PM +0200, arne anka ]----
> > So, how does the Freerunner UI stand in front of the iPhone's ?
> > What about the MobileMe initiative ? Do we have anything like that ?
> >
> > I checked both openmoko and maemo, and Im more and more afraid of how
> > far we are (we = the FOSS people) from Apple and Google.
> why should "we" compete with apple in this respect?
> i never understood the hype for 3d desktop thingumabob (compiz/aigle or  
> whatever it is called now), animated icons or that stuff -- it usually  
> only eats cpu and memory w/o offering real benefits, it's just eye candy.

OK, I agree 100% here.
What strickes me with iPhone UI is not the eyecandy but the simplicity
and easiness.

Even the animations are not gratuitous waste of CPU : it helps the user
to understand what's happening. For instance, in the mobileMe video
presentation the user uploads a picture of a contact and then the
picture appears to flow right into the picture box of the contact detail
- this is not merely done to catch the eyes but also to help the user
understand the relations between widgets.

Im certain my wife/parents would master all the iPhone apps although
they can't use my maemo gadget which requires to be used to computers.

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