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cedric cellier rixed at
Wed Jun 11 10:34:30 CEST 2008

-[ Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 09:25:00AM -0700, Brian C ]----
> Once one uses a Treo or similar linked to an Exchange server
> then one is spoiled by having email/contacts/calendar pushed to/from
> your phone automatically. People choosing the Freerunner shouldn't have
> to take a step backwards in this respect. 

Yes, there certainly should be a way to refrain your mail server from pushing
unimportant emails to your mobile device. This should be doable folder
by folder, which requires of course that the email classifications in
folder be done in the server. But this is another story.

Anyway, I wouldn't call a way to easily share content like mails,
contacts, calendar events, and even files, a "step backward". At the
contrary, this is one of the biggest trouble for me with FOSS.
Think about what a pain it would be to install and maintain a
Kolab server (for instance) accessible from openmoko and some desktop
linux, with good performance and ease of use. Now look how simple
MobileMe is.

> Surely someone can start a
> "push" project for the Freerunner so that its native email/contacts/cal
> apps can interact with the most common mail servers and/or
> GNU/Linux-based desktop apps.

I am more and more seriously considering to donate time and money for
something like this.

> Second, there's been some discussion of Android on the Freerunner.
> Since Google is making increasingly clear that they will open source all
> the component parts of Android, what's the reason for not throwing
> Openmoko's full support behind that project too, and working together
> with them on a great & open UI/platform for mobile devices?

Because we don't want Apple nor Google to own the cloud above our heads?

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