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Andy Powell openmoko at
Wed Jun 11 12:47:56 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 10 June 2008 17:02, arne anka wrote:
> > So, how does the Freerunner UI stand in front of the iPhone's ?
> > What about the MobileMe initiative ? Do we have anything like that ?
> >
> > I checked both openmoko and maemo, and Im more and more afraid of how
> > far we are (we = the FOSS people) from Apple and Google.
> why should "we" compete with apple in this respect?
> i never understood the hype for 3d desktop thingumabob (compiz/aigle or
> whatever it is called now), animated icons or that stuff -- it usually
> only eats cpu and memory w/o offering real benefits, it's just eye candy.

I'm sorry but you're wrong. While it might eat a little cpu, it's not much. 
Most of the work is actually done by the graphics card, which is why I 
can 'spin my cube' on my 1.5ghz cellery laptop and see bugger all impact on 
the cpu. Many of the features of compiz are useful, the ability to group 
windows, make them double-sided, being able to view all your viewports at the 
same time and move windows between them... all these things allow you to 
manage your workspace better. In the office I use 2 screens, I  don;t have 
that for my laptop - but I get huge benefits from having compiz installed. 
It's not just eye candy at all - it's about productivity.

having said that once your windows wobble, it's hard to go back to rigid ones.


Andy / ScaredyCat

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