Wireless providers in the US

paul at buede.com paul at buede.com
Wed Jun 11 19:03:37 CEST 2008

Could those of you in the US, who have the prior phone,and who plan to get
the new one, share what providers you are using?  Also, any details would
be great.  I am going to be leaving Sprint, and ditching my Treo 650 for
the new phone.  It is very exciting, but I am a little lost as to what all
my options are.  It is further complicated by the way in the US everyone
seems to offer regionally based plans, rather than having the same plans
available throughout the country.  I am in the D.C. area.


P.S.  My intended uses are as a phone, as a modem or tethering device for
my laptop, as a web browser when I am on the road, for calendar and such,
for texting.  I am interested in GPS features as well.

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