comparing Apples and Oranges $199 iPhone Freerunner GTA02

Stroller linux.luser at
Wed Jun 11 20:02:56 CEST 2008

On 11 Jun 2008, at 09:34, cedric cellier wrote:
> ...
> Anyway, I wouldn't call a way to easily share content like mails,
> contacts, calendar events, and even files, a "step backward". At the
> contrary, this is one of the biggest trouble for me with FOSS.
> Think about what a pain it would be to install and maintain a
> Kolab server (for instance) accessible from openmoko and some desktop
> linux, with good performance and ease of use. Now look how simple
> MobileMe is.

It would (surely?) be equally simply to rent an account on a shared  
Kolab server, but this is the difference between the iPone & Linux  
markets. Mac users have for years been paying for the (dreadful) dot- 
Mac service and think nothing of it, whereas a geek will not see the  
need to spend money on something he can install on his existing file- 


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