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paul at buede.com wrote:
| Could those of you in the US, who have the prior phone,and who plan to get
| the new one, share what providers you are using?  Also, any details would
| be great.  I am going to be leaving Sprint, and ditching my Treo 650 for
| the new phone.  It is very exciting, but I am a little lost as to what all
| my options are.  It is further complicated by the way in the US everyone
| seems to offer regionally based plans, rather than having the same plans
| available throughout the country.  I am in the D.C. area.
| Thanks
| P.S.  My intended uses are as a phone, as a modem or tethering device for
| my laptop, as a web browser when I am on the road, for calendar and such,
| for texting.  I am interested in GPS features as well.
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I use tMobile, and it works great. The service is OK, but the people
are great, one of the cheapest in the US.

- -bk
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