Wireless providers in the US

ian douglas id at w98.us
Wed Jun 11 21:31:47 CEST 2008

Kevin Dean wrote:
> T-Mobile and AT&T both offer
> nationwide plans and the plans are the same coast to coast.

... but not at AT&T plans are available coast-to-coast.

I was looking at plans last night for someone on the list who lives in 
New Mexico, and there were fewer voice/data plans available than there 
were in the Los Angeles area.

>> as a web browser when I am on the road, for calendar and such,
>> for texting.  I am interested in GPS features as well.
> A Freerunner would work well for all of those, and with the GPS being
> tacked on, I'm not sure I can think of many devices that would combine
> all of those features.

My Samsung Blackjack 2 has been doing all this since December 2007. Of 
course, I sync everything through plaxo.com as the Blackjack 2 doesn't 
have MS-Exchange sync'ing capabilities built in. (It'll sync Email 
through AT&T's XpressMail service though)

I'll much prefer the Freerunner over my Samsung once the software is 
solid, as having a true-multitasking environment will be a giant leap 
forward for how I stay connected.


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