SIM cards for Freerunner (was Free Runner price vs iphone 3G price)

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at
Wed Jun 11 21:33:59 CEST 2008

Stroller writes:
>On 11 Jun 2008, at 15:44, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>> Did you get a lower price on your contract than you would have with a
>> phone?  Yes, they would have let me pay for a subsidized phone without
>> giving me the phone...
>Where the heck are you?
>To the British it is quite *obvious* that a contract without a phone  
>is cheaper.

US.  To me, it's quite obvious that a contract without a phone
*should* be cheaper, but that's a long way from "is" (it actually
worked out for the best, since I've had a working phne all these
months as a result).

>The most obvious example of this is that one can choose how much to  
>pay up front - on can choose the phone "for free" with one set of  
>tariffs, or pay £75 on purchase and get the same number of minutes  
>for £10 a month less (on an 18-month contract, for example). One can  
>also get much cheaper contracts when no phone purchase is involved.

I haven't seen anything like that here.  The plan costs what it costs;
you can pay varying amounts up front for different phones.

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