SIM cards for Freerunner

Robert Taylor subscribers at
Thu Jun 12 02:24:59 CEST 2008

ian douglas wrote:
> But the carriers in America, in my experience (and I currently use a 
> phone on each of Verizon, AT&T and TMobile), simply don't discount their 
> monthly plan rates for using an unlocked phone on their network. 
> Whatever portion of your monthly plan isn't otherwise going towards a 
> subsidy is pure profit for them.
> They're not about to give us a 10% or 20% break on our monthly bill, or 
> whatever percentage pays for the subsidy of a locked phone (like the 
> iPhone), otherwise the 'subsidy' no longer appears as a subsidy to the 
> end user who *does* buy a locked phone, the user sees it exactly as you 
> stated it -- they're financing their phone. And AT&T is going to want 
> that to appear as 'transparent' as possible to the consumer.
> That's my thought on it, anyway.
> -id
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Oh okay so its semantics then. 




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