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> Oh okay so its semantics then.

In the USA, the "contract" is for the service ONLY. That's why I asked
in the beginning if we had a different definition of what it meant to
contract. It's a lot like a grocery store that offers "buy one get one
free" kind of sales, they create incentive to purchase by providing
another product. The price of the service (video/voice) doesn't change
depending on those incentives. You can still buy ONE product (in some
areas... he he. Most people comply with laws and different areas
interpret "buy one get one free" differently) at the same price even
though by taking them up on the offer you gain more in the end if you

It's a semantic issue perhaps. English has no word for "Umami", the
kind of taste sensation you feel when biting into a piece of cheddar
cheese. Prior to the assymilation of the term "deja vu" from French,
there was no term for "the sensation of having done the same thing
before". Mere words goes a LONG way towards understanding; sometimes
nuances matter.

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