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On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 9:02 PM, Lowell Higley <higleylh at> wrote:

> If I make an observation.. I am an American by birth but have lived all over
> the world.. In the middle of the Pacific, Korea, and now Europe (again).
> One of the things I have noticed is that the laws in Europe tend to protect
> the consumer whereas the laws in the US tend to protect big business.

Why do you instantly assume there two sides are opposed to each other?
Now, let me say I agree that corporations (definition: a legal entity
recognized by the government for the purpose of shielding the
individual for personal responsibillity for their actions) are in
general a bad thing since it means if a person does something "bad"
while conducting business they don't suffer penalties. If, however, a
person running an honest business manages to be "big", I see nothing
wrong at ALL with them.

Businesses (big AND small) provide services and products to people.
They don't use violence to get what they want (even Microsoft doesn't
send the police or military to your house for refusing to buy their
licenses). If people said "I don't like how you conduct business and I
refuse to give you my money!" those businesses (large and small) would
stop doing that thing because they want to stay in business!

> I could give many examples but I think this whole "contact vs. no contract"
> discussion is a perfect example. imho.

I was raised as a liberal Democrat. That said, I can sit back and
(with the best of them) argue the liberal perspective about how "big
business takes advantage" of the "little guy/working class".

I was also raised to believe that I should question everything and not
accept what other people tell me without some proof. In EVERY
arguement against "big business" there is one key factor - the
government. How "big" might Microsoft be if the government (which
funds every government school and university in just about every
nation of the world) didn't pick teachers who demanded their
assignments be submitted in .doc format? How many business might exist
worldwide if the government didn't mandate licenses and zoning and all
kinds of other things that prevent people (who create wealth by simply
existing!) who have very little money from starting honest businesses
and earning money by providing services and goods to people? How many
deaths might be avoided if the government let people and their doctors
determine if a medication was "safe enough" for their specific

> Just a personal observation... shoot me down if you like.

I don't mean to shoot you down. I just find it disconcerning how many
people "attack" business owners, demand regulation which forces up
prices and reduces control and than blame businesses for increased
prices and decreased control. Hopefully some people will critically
evaluate things...

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