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On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 8:55 PM, Kevin Dean <kevin at> wrote:

> Please note this is an OFF LIST reply, since it is off topic for
> Openmoko mailing lists.

Huh?  I agree, this is off topic but your reply did go out to the entire

> On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 9:02 PM, Lowell Higley <higleylh at> wrote:
> > If I make an observation.. I am an American by birth but have lived all
> over
> > the world.. In the middle of the Pacific, Korea, and now Europe (again).
> > One of the things I have noticed is that the laws in Europe tend to
> protect
> > the consumer whereas the laws in the US tend to protect big business.
> Why do you instantly assume there two sides are opposed to each other?
> Now, let me say I agree that corporations (definition: a legal entity
> recognized by the government for the purpose of shielding the
> individual for personal responsibillity for their actions) are in
> general a bad thing since it means if a person does something "bad"
> while conducting business they don't suffer penalties. If, however, a
> person running an honest business manages to be "big", I see nothing
> wrong at ALL with them.

> Businesses (big AND small) provide services and products to people.
> They don't use violence to get what they want (even Microsoft doesn't
> send the police or military to your house for refusing to buy their
> licenses). If people said "I don't like how you conduct business and I
> refuse to give you my money!" those businesses (large and small) would
> stop doing that thing because they want to stay in business!

First, the observation was a generalization.. notice the word "tend".  No
"assumptions" were made.  No one said the two sides were opposed.  If that
is something you drew from the observation then I think that is something
you added...not me.  Again, notice the words "tend to".  Nothing is absolute
nor did I infer it was. Perhaps I should have used the verbage "laws tend to
favor" and not "protect"?  Would that make a difference?

> > I could give many examples but I think this whole "contact vs. no
> contract"
> > discussion is a perfect example. imho.
> I was raised as a liberal Democrat. That said, I can sit back and
> (with the best of them) argue the liberal perspective about how "big
> business takes advantage" of the "little guy/working class".
> I was also raised to believe that I should question everything and not
> accept what other people tell me without some proof. In EVERY
> arguement against "big business" there is one key factor - the
> government. How "big" might Microsoft be if the government (which
> funds every government school and university in just about every
> nation of the world) didn't pick teachers who demanded their
> assignments be submitted in .doc format? How many business might exist
> worldwide if the government didn't mandate licenses and zoning and all
> kinds of other things that prevent people (who create wealth by simply
> existing!) who have very little money from starting honest businesses
> and earning money by providing services and goods to people? How many
> deaths might be avoided if the government let people and their doctors
> determine if a medication was "safe enough" for their specific
> situation?

No one has asked you to accept anything.   It was merely a "personal
observation."  It was not some sort of law or edict I came down from the
hills with to force on anyone. If you want evidence of why I believe my
observation is correct, I'd be happy to share them with you. However, I
don't think this is the time or place for it.

> >
> > Just a personal observation... shoot me down if you like.
> I don't mean to shoot you down. I just find it disconcerning how many
> people "attack" business owners, demand regulation which forces up
> prices and reduces control and than blame businesses for increased
> prices and decreased control. Hopefully some people will critically
> evaluate things...

No one "attacked" business owners.  I merely pointed out a difference *I*
believe exists in the laws between the US and Europe.  Not once did I ever
say business(es), big or small, was doing anything wrong in either the US or
Europe.  Again, if you would like I will share with you why I believe my
observation is true... I could also point out why I think both systems is
good for consumers and business alike (they would obviously be different
lists). However, I don't think it is appropriate to post to the list because
it is wildly off topic, as you previously highlighted.

Sometimes I think messages on this list get blown way out of proportion.
Right now, I believe that is the case with this entire thread.  If I
offended anyone with my observation, I apologize, that was not my intent.

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