Acceleration in our pockets

Peter Nijs peter at
Thu Jun 12 13:08:46 CEST 2008

Op Tuesday 10 June 2008 10:11:23 schreef Andy Green:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | I have seen it this morning in the,
> |
> |  Andrzej "balrog-kun" Zaborowski was able to use mplayer with glamo
> | hardware acceleration Not all is lost to have some decent(not
> | excelent but barelly usable is enough) video playback, or Rasterman
> | has bad news again? ;)
> |
> | Of course I understand than use sd-card as storage will be not an
> | option(shared bus issue) but a nfs mounted volume or a streaming mp4
> | source can be an option I guess
> Wah that was really good progress from Andrzej.
> I wouldn't give up on SD card as storage without trying it: if I
> understood what goes on then only the MP4 compressed stream is being
> sent to the Glamo by mplayer... I guess it means 100 - 200KBytes/sec
> which is way below the point we choke the Glamo memory bus.  So we
> should be able to be pulling 200 - 300KBytes/sec (including audio) at
> the same from from SD.
> The wildcard is what the MPEG decoder unit in the Glamo is doing from
> the inside in terms of hogging the internal memory.
> -Andy

Isn't the shared bus an advantage because now it can use DMA? Maybe that's why 
it is possible to hook up an sd-card to the glamo anyway. I see no other 
explanation why one would put an sd cardreader in a graphics ship. Please 
tell me if and why I'm wrong.

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