[OT] compiz and other unproductive candy

herve couvelard herve.couvelard at viva-vous.net
Thu Jun 12 13:26:35 CEST 2008

> And is OM wants to sell phones to other people than Ken Tompson and other 
> geeks, they will need a nice UI. I've seen a statement somewhere on the OM 
> site that they hoped GTA2 would be bought by our parents... These are people 
> who would happily invest some electricity in the rendering of a UI. So I 
> think it's in everyones interest that OM is standard supplied with a nice UI. 
> That would make the OM profitable and only than they will be able to make 
> GTA3 to GTAxx. Geeks who don't need/want the nice UI can always switch it 
> off. That's the beauty of Linux. Just press CTRL-AT-F1 and you're rid of 
> KDE/GNOME/Fluxbox... I don't think it would be any harder on the OM.

Yop, of course but :
if for ui's sake OM must go for qvga instead of vga and limit possible 
rendering because of the necessity to add some fancy stuff, that is not 
the same result.

Is it ctr+alt+F12 that convert a qvga screen in plain vga ?

And the compiz stuff on a qvga screen : i really would like to see some 
videos of it.

I do have gp2x because it's open : terminal stuff is not that 


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