GTA03 speculation [UNOFFICIAL]

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Thu Jun 12 17:35:19 CEST 2008

I am the one who predicted GTA03 in December 2008
here's my reasoning for targeting that date.

as an aside, I think December is the
LATEST date GTA03 will see the light of day.
With the modest changes being made in GTA03,
it would almost be irrelevant if delayed past then.

GTA03 is a fairly small re-spin of GTA02.
They are not doing anything very risky.

The biggest change is a new GSM radio that
supports EDGE, which is much faster
than GPRS that GTA02 has.

second, the Glamo graphics chip added to GTA02
(not in GTA01) was a disaster, pure and simple.
so it will be ripped out.

third, the headset connector will change to 3.5 mm.
I suspect but can not prove that there will also
be improvements and cleanup in the audio circuitry.

they are adding a camera to GTA03, which is a good thing.

the case design will evidently be changed significantly.

OpenMoko are NOT doing major surgery vs GTA02,
such as switching to a new processor

for someone who is anxious to ~develop~ on Freerunner
GTA02 is THE model to buy, because time is of
the essence.

for someone who has a reasonable alternative,
and will mainly be a Freeruner USER
rather than developer, it may or may not
make sense to wait for GTA03.

I have ZERO repeat NO (!!)inside information,
so I may well be totally WRONG.

Ron K. Jeffries
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