[OT]Re: Why not use forum?

Andy Loughran andy at zrmt.com
Thu Jun 12 18:13:20 CEST 2008

The developers must prefer mailing lists.

It's not really a place to discuss the merits of mailing lists versus 
forums - but I must add that if you're using a decent mail client, you can 
probably configure it in a way whereby the messages appear like a forum... 
so in many ways mailing lists are the more customisable and flexible option.


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> Hi!
> I was wondering - why are we not using forum for community?
> It's much  better to view, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to the
> topics you want and etc.
> The main
> Personally I don't like mailing list because it's not that comfortable
> and I can see no advatages of using mailing list instead of forum?
> Can anyone explain to me why we can't install
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