GTA03 speculation [UNOFFICIAL]

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Thu Jun 12 21:45:30 CEST 2008

Am Do  12. Juni 2008 schrieb Ron K. Jeffries:
> I am the one who predicted GTA03 in December 2008
> here's my reasoning for targeting that date.
> as an aside, I think December is the
> LATEST date GTA03 will see the light of day.
> With the modest changes being made in GTA03,
> it would almost be irrelevant if delayed past then.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> GTA03 is a fairly small re-spin of GTA02.
> They are not doing anything very risky.
> The biggest change is a new GSM radio that
> supports EDGE, which is much faster
> than GPRS that GTA02 has.

Well the old modem chipset is very... uncomfortable to cope with (FW etc), and 
it's EOL I heard. Anyway the hw-changes aren't this big for the rest of the 
circuit, to handle a new GSM-module. After all it's a module ;-)

> second, the Glamo graphics chip added to GTA02
> (not in GTA01) was a disaster, pure and simple.
> so it will be ripped out.

GTA01 is working without, so it seems not to be a risky adventure to kick it.

> third, the headset connector will change to 3.5 mm.
> I suspect but can not prove that there will also
> be improvements and cleanup in the audio circuitry.
> they are adding a camera to GTA03, which is a good thing.

And looks like low risk. Simple interface. Well you never know... :-/

> the case design will evidently be changed significantly.
> OpenMoko are NOT doing major surgery vs GTA02,
> such as switching to a new processor
> for someone who is anxious to ~develop~ on Freerunner
> GTA02 is THE model to buy, because time is of
> the essence.
> for someone who has a reasonable alternative,
> and will mainly be a Freeruner USER
> rather than developer, it may or may not
> make sense to wait for GTA03.
> I have ZERO repeat NO (!!)inside information,
> so I may well be totally WRONG.

There's nothing I can correct you, though I'm also not sure about many of the 
details you stated, and this is *no* verification of what you mentioned. My 
Motto Of The Year: plans change quickly... 

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