Why not use votation system?

David Samblas Martinez dsamblas at yahoo.es
Thu Jun 12 22:54:00 CEST 2008

   I don't like the fact that a cold statistics guide decisions/development of OM (and any open-source/free software) being developed based on it, mailing  list,forums and even blogs allows you to argue about, and understand more the "why" of some decisions not the decision itself only. 
   I like more the idea of a positive/negative arguments vote system something like comments of digg.com. A lot more complex implement I suppoe but you can evaluate more accurate how the community how even "feels" about something. 
By the way, the idea of having such a thing like this as planet system? not to filter what is it the first page, no such news volume to even think about this almost right now ;), but to have a ponderate opinion value(how the whole comunity thinks about your and others opinions good/bad/irrelevant.?

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> Hello
> I was thinking more to a votation system about the
> decisions that are
> shared with community.
> Do you want feature X or feature Y?
> I think this can help a lot OM to take some decisions, and
> can remain
> for storical reasons. I know there are a lot of online
> services that
> give its for free.
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