Why not use forum?

wim.delvaux at adaptiveplanet.com wim.delvaux at adaptiveplanet.com
Fri Jun 13 20:15:26 CEST 2008

> But I still don't understand why groups choose mailing lists over
> newsgroups.  Weren't newsgroups designed with this kind of thing in
> mind?   By default you just download the headers without having to get
> the text of every message, you can subscribe and unsubscribe from them
> without impacting your regular email account.  I know you can just get
> email headers if you want, but that means I have to set my regular email
> account up all 'header only' or all downloading everything.

True, newsgroups are VERY similar to mail.  I use them too for other stuff.  
However I use news for groups I follow very unregularly (from time to time).  
Forums I use only when there are problems I need to solve and I am looking 
hard for solutions, mail I use for groups I want to follow very closely (and 
even participate in replying to issues such as this :).


PS. About you remark that ppl repeat the context of the reply.  I like this 
since it allows me to follow threads more easily.  If only the reply would be 
present I would need to find the mail to which this reply was intented.

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