Acceleration in our pockets

Rodolphe Ortalo rodolphe.ortalo at
Fri Jun 13 21:05:16 CEST 2008

Le vendredi 13 juin 2008 à 17:04 +0800, Carsten Haitzler a écrit :
[...initial parts deleted for brevity...]
> no problems. what i don't want is people to get their hopes up. this was in the
> context of people asking if they can play vga video and me going "good luck!".
> there is reality - and you can sit and hack away spend lots of time and get 1
> case to work, and work well. as i said - it will depend on codec, bitrate,
> quality etc. mpeg4 decode in hw is great - but remember it is also limiting to
> just mp4 - all your mpeg1, ogg, etc. videos will not work. also as long as
> mplayer is accessing glamo hardware it must run as root. admittedly we run
> everything as root - but come the day when we don't... this is trouble.
[ parts deleted for brevity...]

With the glamo hw you can do mpeg4 decoding acceleration but not
Isn't mpeg4 in hw theoretically more difficult (from the raw computing
point of view) than mpeg1/mpeg2 decoding?

Just for curiosity of course.

Anyway, out the video playback issue, I looked at some of this
hw-specific code in the mplayer git branch or in Xglamo, it sounds
pretty interesting. (I have played a lot with some graphic cards accel
in the late 90s: Matrox or Cirrus Logic primarily.)
2D accel for example should really help the overall phone UI operation
What is the overall objective on the Neo: have a glamo-specific X server
using XAA and the like (hence an X driver), or implement most of the hw
acceleration in the framebuffer device and use Xfbdev (hence a kernel
driver), or something else (possibly more recent than my experience with
this area ;-)?


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