QVGA V/s VGA for GTA03 (was something about yummy CPU-GPU combos!)

David Samblas Martinez dsamblas at yahoo.es
Sat Jun 14 00:19:10 CEST 2008

+1 to Joerg, but don't worry a lot of this speculation garbage about Freerunner or succesors capabilities and what have to do and what not will die onces the freerunner is aviable and used by a miriad of volunters.

Maybe will be another kind of speculation garbage but not this one :).

The idea of a 7 segment liquid cristal screen as an  usb lcd can be take in count for very critical battery applications that only need the hardware capabilites and some light feedback.

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> Am Fr  13. Juni 2008 schrieb Chris Wright:
> > Since the alternative to using QVGA is using VGA with
> a faster GPU and
> > processor,
> One last time:
> It's all about nothing else than just saving some 5
> bucks on the screen (which 
> probably will not apply whenever this comes to reality,
> because you have to 
> buy QVGA-screens from antiquities collectors then), and the
> allegedly 
> *better* (huh?) quality of QVGA when compared to a VGA in
> QVGA-mode. All of 
> this are moot arguments!!!
> > and this is a phone that runs on batteries, I'm
> inclined to 
> > encourage the use of QVGA on future Openmoko phones.
> And WTF is the rationale behind this??? You're
> suggesting we should use slower 
> cpu for saving battery or what? Yeah our GTA04 will
> probably have 8bit cpu 
> and a 7-segment display, but no screen at all, and 4000h of
> standby time. 
> (btw: standby isn't related to cpu-power-consumption at
> all)
> > I have a phone 
> > from 2002 with a battery that used to last a week; it
> annoys me to
> > deal with much less than that.
> Don't ask what I'm annoyed of!
> Aaahrg, really sorry, but [ignore thread] now (last one of
> hw-dev leaving 
> pointless discussion).
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