OT: Nokia expects open source developers to accept things like DRM, commercial IP rights, and SIM locks.

Robert Taylor subscribers at tinsputnik.com
Sat Jun 14 01:24:25 CEST 2008

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> My favorite line, "As an industry, we plan to use open-source 
> technologies but we are not yet ready to play by the rules; but this 
> needs to work the other way round too."
> What exactly does he mean by that?  It sounds like he's saying that the 
> industry is going to ignore the rules of open source and wants open 
> source developers to ignore the rules of "the industry"?  Though I'll 
> admit that interpretation is a complete contradiction of everything else 
> in the article, I can't come up with another interpretation.  I'm 
> guessing it's a bad quotation in the article or he just happened to 
> choose the wrong words to convey his message.
> Mike
> _
Yeah, I would guess he probably meant "we will play by the rules of the 
GPL so open source has to learn to play by our rules"

However, even that interpretation makes no sense ... either you are free 
or you are not.  GPL is about freedom and guaranteeing freedom, thus 
asking us to forget about freedom is basically to ask us to forget why 
we are here in the first place.

It won't happen.

If Redhat gets it, so can everyone else.


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