OEM market,any thoughts about that??

David Samblas Martinez dsamblas at yahoo.es
Sat Jun 14 01:39:43 CEST 2008

Only babbling wating to the Neo to come out ;)

   I work on a PLC manufacturer (well the corp. do a lot of other products but PLC are my little puppet) so I was thinking about the openness of this architecture, the need for processing power and flexibility of engineers making  production machines an the need they have of communication , and I for my thoughts I have to confirm it with engineers of that the department about specs. but some PLC we propose the hardware is less powerful and less powerful I was thinking about adding an I/O interfaces (digital or analogical) I have seen it at my work distributed I/O interfaces with ethernet output and with rs232 serial output, both with and open standard protocol of PLC communication modbus, I thing there is some implementation on Linux in lgpl "http://copyleft.free.fr/wordpress/index.php/libmodbus/"

Think's I don't know, Neo is able to have an rj45 ethernet connection as see it as an standard ethernet network interface in kernel?. 
I have eared about an usb to rj45 adaptor, has been tested by any one?, serial connection is included in the debug board.and surelly the usb port included in the phone will do the trick with an rs232 usb convertor. but any one has treat it as a serial port?, can be both with a usb hub?

neo has a lot of cool thing inside with a not bad price, I imagine than make a deal to openmoko inc to buy some mount naked neos , example buying in 100 packs or so to mount directly in a box after the rom is flashed with the desired configuration (an OM with graphics rippoff and the application  compiled ) I have to madurate the part of the Who and how will program this solution: 
-the oem  or
- as full solution application included 

If first approach is taken, then to even think to enter in that market we must emulate in the neo some kind of PLC programing interface as they are used to work with, but even letting the door open to access it directly and they do on C directly but not OEM has this kind of knowledge 

well a has to been asked and redefined in my mind schema of things but all of this things will be unuseful if the nacked neo hardware part was unable to be posible or more expensive than buy a mounted neo. or any other technical constraint that this marketing guy has ignored.


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