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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Sun Jun 15 10:26:45 CEST 2008

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Martin Bernreuther wrote:
| Am Freitag, 13. Juni 2008 schrieb Alexey Feldgendler:
|>> By default you just download the headers without having to get the text
|>> of every message,
|> You can do that with IMAP, which is the modern protocol for accessing
|> mail.
| You can receive only the headers on the IMAP server???

Only from the IMAP server to MUA (user's local client).  I do not
believe that SMTP has the ability to accept headers only, which is the
protocol that does the actual transfer of email messages.  IMAP only
talks to your MUA.
| We're NOT talking about downloading only the headers from
| the IMAP server to a client machine, right? If the email is
| on the IMAP server, it's already too late: you've got the email
| (with an impact to your quota) and you have to get rid of it.
| (if you don't like it). If I don't want to delete it manually:
| How does it work?
| (I also don't want to delete email after a predefined time period!)
| But eMail is definitely more common than news,
| and to reach "masses" you better use a mailing list.
| Is it possible to have both ways at once?
I have looked in to this for my local LUG.  The short answer is no.
There are options but with those options come limitations (ie. certain
solutions lock you into a particular web front end or mailing list
package).  Personally, as I am subscribed to a number of different
lists, being able to sort, read, delete etc. in a single interface with
a single set of credentials is the killer feature.  If you can get email
from a provider that supports sieve or some other server based
filtering, you can get the messages sorted into folder before you ever
access your account.  Nice if you have to use a webmail interface at all.
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