GTA03: New case? Bigger screen!

NeilBrown neilb at
Sun Jun 15 10:55:02 CEST 2008

On Sun, June 15, 2008 2:54 pm, Nigel Cunningham wrote:
>                                                                I'd like
> to replace them both by one thing, and I want that one thing to be Linux
> based and open source. At the same time, though, I want it to be useful
> for a long time. 3G seems to me ignorant mind to fit that bill better
> than GSM. (They've just switched off CDMA here in Aussie; I don't know
> anything for certain, but assume that it won't be too many years before
> GSM goes the same way). Or maybe I am just ignorant. Can you do sending
> and receiving email and so on with GSM, or is that 3G only?

How many years do you expect to get out of a 'phone?   Some people
seem to change them every couple of years, and I'm sure GSM will last longer
than that.

Yes, I would like 3G too, though I've heard it said on this forum that
3G is somewhat of a catch-all term for several related technologies, and
it is not possible to have a single international 3G device.  I don't
know how true that is.

In any case, to answer your question: yes, you can send/receive Email
on GSM.  GSM includes GPRS which is low-speed IP.  Similar sort of
speed to a 56K modem.  OK for sending Email, just bearable for web
browsing if that pages aren't too busy.


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