GTA03: New case? Bigger screen!

Peter J. Holzer hjp at
Sun Jun 15 12:02:34 CEST 2008

On 2008-06-15 14:54:27 +1000, Nigel Cunningham wrote:
> I want it to be useful for a long time. 3G seems to me ignorant mind
> to fit that bill better than GSM. (They've just switched off CDMA here
> in Aussie; I don't know anything for certain, but assume that it won't
> be too many years before GSM goes the same way). Or maybe I am just
> ignorant. Can you do sending and receiving email and so on with GSM,
> or is that 3G only?

To send and receive mail you need IP (well, not really, you could use
UUCP, but all the common protocols for reading and writing mails today
(POP, IMAP, SMTP/Submission, HTTP) need IP). IP doesn't care much about
the lower layers: It works on GSM as well as on UMTS (only slower), just
as it doesn't care whether you've got 4 Mbit token ring or 1000 Gbit
Ethernet. As long as your provider gives you an IP address, it will

As for the lifetime of GSM/GPRS: I have no idea when the telekom
companies will drop GSM. No doubt they will at some time, but since many
PDAs/Smartphones sold today (for example the Palm Centro) still don't
have UMTS, and UMTS coverage is still bad in many regions, it will be
some time. So I'm not worried about the GTA02 not supporting UMTS. The
GTA03 probably won't need it either, but if the GTA04 is still only 2G
it might be the only one when it is released - and that might be the
point where telekom companies could turn off GSM.


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