moko running everything as root

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Sun Jun 15 21:29:32 CEST 2008

If you have root AND user, root can make a backup copy of user's valuable data 
every once in a while, and user or the virus she imported while browsing the 
web can NOT destroy this backup.
I can't follow your arguments. It's NOT an evil person we need to fence in, 
it's bad behaviour of applications that go nuts on (virus|bug|user fault|*)

If we don't start to care about this topic NOW, we will see lots of poor 
designed apps that rely on having root access where they shouldn't, and we 
end up in a situation like M$, where the whole system is so much root-centric 
that you simply can't switch to a sane user-management anymore, because it 
would break half the system. To fix those apps later is a major PITA.

I just "talked" to Wolfgang Spraul and he answered
"But right now we are selling to hardcore developers only, so it's not  
our #1 priority.
Once our software becomes more stable and mature, this needs to be  
addressed seriously. The good news is that the FOSS community is  
pretty paranoid about this, so I'm sure over time we will have a good  
It's a FOSS project and you are "the community", so just contribute! I'd say, 
do it *now*, as long as it's easy.

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