moko running everything as root

arne anka openmoko at
Sun Jun 15 23:23:40 CEST 2008

> Sounds a lot like looking after a laptop rather than using a phone.
> I've already written about how I like the FreeRunner because it's
> *not* a laptop:

basically, yes. but that's probably due to the limited experience. i for  
one know palm pda/smartphone and laptop/pc -- according to the spec the om  
resembles a pc rather than a pda/smartphone so i more or less consciously  
shape my expectations after that.
but i am not sure if that in any way makes it incomopatible with your  
ideas expressed there.

> I've also posted twice (I think - I found one one on Google) to this
> list about how it might be fruitful to consider the Bitforst security
> model as developed for the OLPC project:
> Anyone with me on that one?

sounds good. it's not that i think the unix/linux way is the best ever  
possible -- it's only that i think security _is_ a key feature, how we  
achieve that feature is a matter open to discussion.
if the olpc folks got it working for childs it means it will work for  
average joe as well ...

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