Invisible Shield

Ajit Natarajan ajitk at
Mon Jun 16 02:35:30 CEST 2008

steve wrote:
 > I havent heard this.  could they use a display unit

I'm guessing they could because they would need to measure the unit and 
probably check that the custom cover fits well and doesn't block any 
sockets.  Any unit that is the same form factor and format as the final 
one should do.

Joerg Reisenweber wrote the following in response to my post:
 > Hey, Ajit.
 > I already told you they shall apply directly by using their official
 > office
 > address, so we have some guarantee they intend to do some useful 
thing > and
 > will send back the device. Please don't nag.
 > /jOERG

So, I'm guessing that he is taking care of this.



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