Invisible Shield

Stroller linux.luser at
Mon Jun 16 10:12:36 CEST 2008

On 16 Jun 2008, at 01:35, Ajit Natarajan wrote:
> Joerg Reisenweber wrote the following in response to my post:
>> Hey, Ajit.
>> I already told you they shall apply directly by using their official
>> office
>> address, so we have some guarantee they intend to do some useful
> thing > and
>> will send back the device. Please don't nag.
>> /jOERG
> So, I'm guessing that he is taking care of this.

jOERG's message sounded to me like he was waiting for Invisible  
Shield to get in touch with him.


I hope that one way or the other this'll get sorted. It'd be really  
nice to have the protecter already when my Freerunner arrives, so  
that it gets covered from new & remains pristine.

I haven't tried this invisible shield thingy, but it does look the  
bee's knees. I already have screen protectors on my DS-Lite and my  
PSP, but I would probably have bought the Invisible Shield instead,  
if I'd known about it.


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