Storage Idea?

Samuel Melrose sam at
Mon Jun 16 11:57:19 CEST 2008

Was just looking through some pages, examining my iPod hardware, and I  
can across something interesting, the thing that powers the storage  
for the big, all powerful high storage devices. Well, atleast its  
ability to store 160GB...
Not sure if anyone here already knows about this, but just thought it  
might be an interesting addition to one of the OpenMoko phones,  
although when it forks into several edditions as it looks quite  

But anyway, getting to it... The Toshiba 1.8" hard drive.
Very small, MicroSATA interface up to ~600Mbps... And up to 160GB  
Not sure if anyone would want that much storage for their phone, but  
I'm sure it might come in handy atleast for developers? Although I  
know MicroSD is up to about 32GB now and a lot cheaper...

Will leave the link anyway, hope it comes in useful...

Thank you,
Samuel Melrose
sam at

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