Storage Idea?

David Samblas Martinez dsamblas at
Mon Jun 16 16:31:07 CEST 2008

well maybe gta4 will hava a sata interface but
This data is copy/pasted from vendor page
Power Consumption:
Spin-up 2.5
Seeking 1.4
Reading 1.4
Writing 1.4
Active Idle 0.55 
Low Power Idle 0.45
Standby 0.15
Sleep  0.10	

if this data is watts then at 3,3 volts 0,10/3,3 then 30,30 mA even when its in sleep mode so 1200mA/h the phone with almost anythig off, (gsm, wifi,screen,processor... all) will least at sleep mode no more than 40 h you may think not bad but this is very very far away from the "Battery life (Approximation/Ideal Target) Standby time 150-200 Hrs" in the wiki gta02 description.
this is only in sleep mode. in working mode  1.4+2.5= 3.9W then 3.9/3,3=1182 mA so barely an hour working on battery at full charge and all off only hd working (forget about continuous use as swap, portable media player or any other intensive hd app ;), with the actual battery of course more powerful battery more time )

Another free estimation; if usb 2.0 seems to be 30MB/s at the most optimistic rate so 160 GBytes are about 160 * 1024/30=5461 seconds to be transfered out of the phone this about 1 hour and a half (1/2 hours more than battery duration without taking care about cpu/usb system power needs to do that operation. 
Here you can argue against justifing that is it's usb wired it can be also powered, but I will still think  that is to much power consuption for a portable device,and 160 gigs is a loooot of disk space aprox 420 chapters of mythbusters(more than twelve days continuous sesion)

I think there will be more efficient power solutions to give future versions of OM phones a a lot of space  , only thinking loud and with no experience at all only basic phisics maths applied 

I really thing is too much power comsuption for a movile solution but only guessing I'm not a hardware guy 

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> Hey,
> Was just looking through some pages, examining my iPod
> hardware, and I  
> can across something interesting, the thing that powers the
> storage  
> for the big, all powerful high storage devices. Well,
> atleast its  
> ability to store 160GB...
> Not sure if anyone here already knows about this, but just
> thought it  
> might be an interesting addition to one of the OpenMoko
> phones,  
> although when it forks into several edditions as it looks
> quite  
> expensive.
> But anyway, getting to it... The Toshiba 1.8" hard
> drive.
> Very small, MicroSATA interface up to ~600Mbps... And up to
> 160GB  
> storage.
> Not sure if anyone would want that much storage for their
> phone, but  
> I'm sure it might come in handy atleast for developers?
> Although I  
> know MicroSD is up to about 32GB now and a lot cheaper...
> Will leave the link anyway, hope it comes in useful...
> Thank you,
> Samuel Melrose
> sam at
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