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Mon Jun 16 17:21:24 CEST 2008

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I subscribed the mailinglist sometimes around summer last year. But 
sometimes i see my own mails hours (I don't know how many) after sending 
them. My poll-intervall is 10 minutes i think.

Greetings Bastian
Peter J. Holzer schrieb:
| On 2008-06-15 23:26:56 +0200, arne anka wrote:
|> i get every mail more or less 2h after it is sent (polling the 
account ist  
|> set to 15min), though the archive  
|> (  
|> displays them much earlier.
| Looks like most of the people with long delays (me too, btw) subscribed
| only recently.
| There are 1651 non-digested addresses subscribed to the list. I don't
| know the setup of the mail server, but if it tries to deliver to these
| addresses serially it is quite likely that it takes 2 hours to go through
| the whole list, especially if some of them are unreachable.
| So maybe the postmaster should do some tweaking.
|     hp
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