moko running everything as root

Robert Taylor subscribers at
Mon Jun 16 18:07:23 CEST 2008

Kevin Dean wrote:
>> the om represents a device more powerfull than the computer linux was
>> developed on.
>> i am not sure i understand you correctly, but for me it sounds like you
>> saying user/group separation is meaningfull for servers only (and only
>> because physical access can be prevented), for end user computers, laptops
>> specifically, it is a waste.
>> if so, you are pretty much alone with this understanding.
>> what bothers me: as far as i understand the vast majority of applications
>> is ported from existing linux distributions or just recompiled -- so, why
>> would one disable the user/group principle the apps obey on their native
>> platform?
>> ubuntu for one works rather well with that wheel/sudo way and even on
>> non-ubuntu systems users are able "to run a lot of root applications such
>> as rdate, power off, opkg, etc." w/o beeing root all the time.
>> _______________________________________________
I agree with this.

The power of Linux is that we have NEVER developed a culture of bad 
habits like in Windows world.

Their EXACT problem is they trained their users to be lazy and stupid.

Linux users are FORCED to learn about security even at a bare minimum 
level and thus develop very good habits.

Thus, no matter what MS now tries, they are stuck dealing with an BADLY 
trained population while even with the success of things like Ubuntu you 
have noobs basically learning NOT to run as root.

It's about culture not EASE OF USE.


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