recent engagedt mobile post - When it will be possible to buy OpenMoko?

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June 11 / 2008

"The FreeRunner is FreeRunning a little late on its way into devs'
hands, but that's not stopping OpenMoko from shipping out a few units
early to VIPs"

I'm sure nobody would be so ridiculous as to suggest something about
unfairness or some similar foolishness.  

- me wants to be a VIP 

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> There was a post on engadget mobile that suggested some have been
> released.

I cant find it, you got a link?

> On Sunday 15 June 2008 00:03, steve wrote:
>> I'm not exactly sure.  I havent asked if they have a continous
process or
>> if they build a bunch of PCB and then assemble. Like, build a
>> assemble a thousand, etc. I know some shipments (university
customers) have
>> already landed.
> Could you explain what you meant by that last sentence?

In the neofreerunner thread on the device owners list a guy from china
explains that he bought one for  a university project, there are pics
of it as well.

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