openmoko and pci express voice modems

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Wed Jun 18 03:15:02 CEST 2008

ti, 2008-06-17 kello 18:53 +0100, Al Johnson kirjoitti:
> On Tuesday 17 June 2008, Matt Flax wrote:
> > I would like to know whether it is possible to plug a pci express voice
> > modem into a laptop and then use openmoko to make mobile calls from the
> > laptop ?
> It ought to be possible, though probably not out of the box. It seems like an 
> odd thing to do, but I'm sure you have a reason.
[...pondering how you could make calls from a Neo through a laptop]

I figured he meant running the OM software on the lappie to operate the
voice modem as a phone.

Which should be doable with some hacking to accommodate possible
differences between the pci express card and the chip arrangement of a
Neo. Majorly, would the card present itself as an audio interface or
transfer PCM on the serial interface?

As currently the OM dialer is Qtopia, the question becomes if it has
support for the required I/O strategy or would one have to hack it (I
don't know).

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